What to Do If Your Heat Pump Is Broken

What to Do If Your Heat Pump Is Broken

Contact a heat pump repair expert in Columbia, SC

Are you shivering in the winter even when the heat is on? If you're dealing with a broken heat pump, turn to Solutions Heating & Air, Inc. for fast heat pump repair services in Columbia, SC. You can stop bundling under blankets or wearing jackets indoors-we'll have your heating unit working again in a flash.

Don't wait until the weather cools down to take care of a broken heat pump. Call 803-269-5326 now to get help from an HVAC contractor.

5 warning signs you need heat pump repair

Not sure if you have a heat pump problem? There are a few common indicators that you might have a problem. Reach out to our team in Columbia, SC soon if...

  • Your heat pump has to be restarted at low temperatures
  • Your heat pump doesn't turn on even with a high thermostat setting
  • You hear strange noises coming from the unit
  • Your energy bill is steadily increasing
  • Your heat pump is always on despite the temperature
We will diagnose your heat pump for free, with approval for repairs. Your heat pump repair expert will get your unit back on track in no time.